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Eco-material Revolution



The start of an eco-material revolution. Enabling environmentally responsible, sustainable business.

Utilising nano vesicle capsule (NVC) technology, ECONANO® technology enables a reduction of emissions at the point of incineration by up to 20 per cent. We’ve created the world’s first CO2 reducing label, which is ideal for businesses looking to add value to their AIDC solutions by taking a ‘greener’ approach. In addition, our ECONANO-NONSEPA® linerless labels can reduce emissions by up to 60 per cent, with less materials to dispose of.

But ECONANO goes beyond just labels. It can be incorporated into labels, packaging, and accessories for packaging that contains absorbing adhesives, to reduce the overall carbon output. ECONANO is suitable for commercial usage across a number of materials such as stickers and labels, tickets and receipts, industrial stretch film, paper and plastic bags.

On show at CeBIT 2017, ECONANO is ideal for forward-thinking companies seeking to implement more sustainable practices.

Tick Benefits

  • Cuts CO2 emissions at the point of incineration by over 20 per cent*
  • NONSEPA® linerless label cuts CO2 emissions at the point of incineration by up to 60 per cent*
  • Increased environmental credentials of AIDC enabled labels
  • Scientifically proven nano vesicle capsule (NVC) technology supports sustainability strategies
  • Suitable for commercial usage across a variety of materials

* In comparison with regular adhesive labels

Why use ECONANO?

37,000 companies have already successfully introduced ECONANO to their operations to date. The adoption of the technology on food labels in major convenience store chains in Japan has led to a 60 per cent reduction in CO2 during combustion, when compared to the chains’ previous labels. This equates to a 5,300kg reduction in C02, which is equivalent to the amount absorbed by 380 Japanese cedar trees. For businesses driving sustainability strategies in line with current global megatrends for greater environmental responsibility, ECONANO is a sound choice.

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Backed by science, ECONANO was developed in collaboration with Professor Masahiko Abe at the Department of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, and the University's venture company, Acteiive Corporation.

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