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VISION Retail Platform

Our pioneering data-driven IoT experience for shoppers and retailers that provides retail inventory visibility and enhances customer experience.

At CeBIT 2017, we’re bringing our versatile retail solution VISION Retail Platform to a European trade show for the first time. Designed to improve operational efficiency and increase sales by leveraging the power of data, the platform provides business intelligence targeted to the specific challenges of the retail industry. Integration of the virtual with the physical to unleash the power of the Internet of Things for Retail - via Sales Associate and Smart Fitting Room applications - gives rise to an elevated experience for both the retailer and consumer that is unparalleled in today’s retail landscape.

Sales associate application being used on a mobile phone

Sales Associate Application

According to Intel Labs, the average on-shelf availability is 60 to 65 percent. Our application offers inventory visibility, which enables retailers to always have the right goods available in the right quantities at the right time. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenue.

Smart Fitting Room application being used on a tablet

Smart Fitting Room Application

This application provides your customers with an enhanced shopping experience, along with concierge-style service. It allows you to stay engaged with your customers in the fitting room, when many of their purchasing decisions are ultimately being made.

Live demo at CeBIT 2017!

Try it out. Join us in Hall 12 on Stand D04 during CEBIT 2017 for daily demonstrations of our VISION Retail Platform. For demonstration updates, please follow us on Twitter

Tick Benefits

  • Improved Operational Efficiencies
  • Future Proof Investment
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience
  • Increased Inventory Visibility
  • Expanded Ominchannel Marketing
  • Integrated Applications
  • Actionable Customer and Inventory Insight
  • Recognized Digital Disruptor

What does the VISION Retail Platform deliver?

Our VISION Retail Platform efficiently connects item RFID tags, sensors, gateways, applications and videos to deliver actionable, data-driven insight on all aspects of inventory management. Seamlessly integrated dual functionality, in the form of its unique Sales Associate and Smart Fitting Room applications, enables retailers to offer a superior customer experience and enhanced omnichannel customer engagement programs.

Why should I adopt the VISION Retail Platform?

Engaging with the consumer in the fitting room to influence purchasing decisions and build brand loyalty is now possible with the VISION Retail Platform. The one-on-one VIP shopping experience created by the Smart Fitting Room application allows the consumer to find the perfect fit without hassle, resulting in increased conversion and reduced returns for retailers.

However, offering up the perfect fit calls for accurate in store product availability and inventory management. The inventory visibility offered by the Sales Associate application is delivered directly to associates’ mobile devices through the IoT. Accessible through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface the application empowers associates to work autonomously on a variety of tasks from stock replenishment to enhanced omnichannel engagement programs.

Our VISION Retail Platform delivers better consumer and associate experiences, whilst driving decreased operating costs and increased revenues for our customers.

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