Computer technology being used for preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

SOS (SATO Online Services)

SOS (SATO Online Services)

Our game-changing IoT preventative maintenance printing solution provides a virtual customer engineer right on site to prevent downtime.

We’re proud to showcase SOS, the world’s first cloud-based remote maintenance system for industrial label printers, at CeBIT 2017 for the first time in Europe. The game-changing IoT solution, which acts as ‘a virtual customer engineer, right on site’, can be used in conjunction with our NX series IoT label printers to increase operational efficiency and prevent downtime by utilising virtual data to generate actionable, physical results. Combined, SOS and CL4/6NX series represent a game-changing IoT printing solution for manufacturers and logistics providers worldwide.

Live demo at CeBIT 2017!

View it live. We’ll be demonstrating our preventative maintenance solution SOS and CL6NX series label printer to bridge the Last Inch to IoT for your business live at CeBIT 2017. Join us in Hall 12 on Stand D04 to see our IoT printing solution in action. For demonstration updates, please follow us on Twitter

Tick Benefits

  • Manages operation status of printers on Cloud 24-7 for global operations
  • Easily update multiple devices simultaneously
  • Provides access to printer status data for users
  • Keeps operations running and eliminates unplanned downtime
  • Enables on the spot troubleshooting, without the need for an engineer on-site
SOS (SATO Online Services) infographic

Why should I be interested in SOS?

SOS monitors the operation status of industrial label printers 24-7 via the cloud to detect potential issues in advance anywhere and provides the necessary support to keep print operations running to optimum potential, eliminating downtime. The system is fit for seamless operations at all types of industrial workplaces and provides batch operations to increase efficiency.

The system also tracks daily data that allows printer maintenance technicians to offer efficiency improvement recommendations to the user. An on-board operating system captures data on the printer’s status through secure cloud communications, which are encrypted using MQTT and HTTPS. A broad range of data is collected, including: serial number, location, status of expendable parts, systems information and error log.

Operating in two modes; ‘real-time’ that monitors the printer online, and ‘on-demand’ that requires no internet connection (perfect for customers without internet connection or strict security protocols), the SOS system acts as a trusted and reliable resource for efficient customer support. When used in on-demand mode, data can be sent to the cloud by simply scanning a 2D barcode displayed on the printer LCD with a smartphone, for ease.

What can the SOS system do for my business?

Customers using the SOS system can track the operation status of their printers around the clock. And importantly, users can troubleshoot on site, without a SATO engineer visiting them, by receiving a high-level of online support. In addition, visualization of usage data allows any part that needs to be replaced or repaired to be serviced in advance and replacement consumables sent on time.

Only 14 per cent of all conventional maintenance work that SATO customer engineers service on site requires the technical work of an expert. SOS allows customers to manage the remaining 86 per cent of maintenance work easily, quickly, cost-effectively and with confidence due to the SOS remote support.

SOS comes highly recommended from our customers in the manufacturing and logistics sectors for its ability to provide a comprehensive visualisation of their printer operations across multiple units and locations.

Is the SOS system compatible with my current print operation?

Currently, SOS is compatible with the CL4/6NX series of industrial label printers, which feature universal functionality and design with plug-and-play connectivity and multiple languages - perfect for use in any work environment and infrastructure around the globe.

SOS (SATO Online Services) All In One infographic

We also have exciting plans to expand our lineup of label printers with SOS compatibility soon.

Please visit our main pages for more information on the CL4/6NX series