Revolutionary real-time personalization technology

Real-time Personalization



Our revolutionary real-time personalization technology.

We’re excited to present our revolutionary inline digital printing solution at CeBIT 2017. This inkless, late-stage digital print technology is a true representation of the SATO Last Inch to IoT approach. DataLase enables converters to add value to products and packs through the superior utilization of accurate data by unleashing the power of the IoT. Integrated into existing production lines, the award-winning disruptive technology integrates the virtual and the physical, making real-time marketing and late-stage customization capability a reality for brands.

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Live demo at CeBIT 2017!

See it in action. Daily in Hall 12 on Stand D04 at CeBIT 2017, see our DataLase technology in action as the team demonstrates its power to bridge the Last Inch to the IoT. For demonstration updates, please follow us on Twitter

Tick Benefits

  • Flexibility - Virtually any substrate can be laser printed with fully customisable text, graphics and images and is easily incorporated into existing production lines. Enhances marketing capabilities through late stage product customization and improves product identification and anti-counterfeiting capability, unleashing the power of the IoT
  • Efficiency - Improves operational efficiency and productivity across the supply chain through increased reliability, higher speed operations and reduction in consumables in the packing hall. Reduces packaging and label SKUs minimising operating costs, waste and carbon footprint
  • Robust - Produces high contrast, high quality, durable print even through protective coatings and laminates
  • Reliable - A global network of strategic partners ensure right first production, on time, every time

How does DataLase work?

The unique digital printing solution from DataLase combines its core color-change materials technology with the latest generation of laser print engines to deliver high speed, high resolution, on-demand, digital printing that is a high performance alternative to conventional print methodology.

The technology, which is integrated inline, relies on a unique additive that is incorporated into a material or patch applied to a pack. When exposed to CO2 or a near infrared laser, it generates a color-change reaction in the pigment.

The DataLase Advantage

Why is DataLase revolutionary?

DataLase Inline Digital Printing technology truly unleashes the power of the IoT by enhancing flexibility, quality and productivity for customers, combined with a level of consumer interaction not seen before in the print and packaging industry. Brands and retailers can now offer color-based, stand-out promotions and key variable data messages, whilst printers, packers and fillers benefit from easy integration, reduced SKUs and ultimately, improved operational and cost efficiency.

Furthermore, our DataLase solution enables data to be linked across the supply chain, which is a key component to developing and creating efficient and streamlined work sites of the future.

Can I integrate DataLase technology with my current print operation?

Yes. Printer converters can incorporate DataLase pigments in their existing flexo, gravure or lithographic assets in order to make a substrate or a product work with DataLase inline digital printing technology and do not need to invest in new equipment to offer these solutions to their customers. A high-speed laser print engine integrated at the point of packing and filling on existing operations generates the color-change reaction synonymous with DataLase technology.

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